A pre-wired or “connected” home can support a wide range of technologies, including high-speed Internet service, digital television, direct broadcast satellite service, and local computer networks within the home. This can also include your home office, home theater systems, as well as environmental and energy management systems.

You want to plan your system as carefully as possible before you install it, so that you can wire for as many future technologies as possible. Even if you don’t use them, the GenXer who is going to buy your place next will love the fact you thought that far ahead. To buy a brand new home opens a unique possibility to have your new home pre-wired for today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

handyman fixing the electricity power socket in the wall at home

Most builders include some type of pre-wiring in their new homes such as cable TV and telephone outlets. If you require more than what the builder provides, let A/V Design Consultants assist you with a more comprehensive pre-wire to suit your entertainment, security and communication needs. We can pre-wire for Home Theatre, multi-room audio/video, network, surveillance cameras, Home Automation & so much more!


Helpful Tips!

• When pre-wiring, consider all options including phone and Network outlets, cable or satellite outlets for Home Theatre systems, Distributed audio/video systems, HVAC control, security system and/or cameras as well as Intercom.

• The modern household is becoming increasingly wireless dependent which requires a robust wireless network. When possible run hard wire network cables for Access Points that can be installed throughout the home to increase your wireless network range and performance.

• When pre-wiring, have your installer run spare wire such as CAT5e or CAT6e to TV’s from source devices or from the distributed video system. These spare wires can come in very handy in the future for such things as a hard wired network connection, 3rd party control, and audio or video Baluns.

• If you are mounting your Flat Screen TV over a fireplace, having a co-ax cable run to the TV location for Rogers Cable or a Satellite system will not suffice. As a minimum, the TV will require a HDMI cable to it’s location from where the cable box or Home Theatre is located.

• If your builder is putting your cable, phone and network connections in the Garage, consider pre-wiring “jumps” of co-ax and network cable (or even a conduit) from the Garage to the Basement, especially if the Basement remains unfinished.

• Consider your entertainment needs. If you are planning a home entertainment center, you’ll may want to consider a Distributed audio and video system. This will allow you to send video from one source to several televisions throughout the house which is a great option for the kids as they move from their play area to lunch in the kitchen. You may also want to pre-wire for sound throughout the house and outside, with the ability to turn speakers in different rooms on and off.

• Consult a professional – Today’s integrated electronic systems grow, evolve and change over time, including entertainment, comfort and security features. A/V Design Consultants is an electronic systems contractor you can trust and who will support your electronic integration needs for years to come. Having a long-term relationship with one professional will maximize the reliability and enjoyment of your home’s electronic systems.

• Think with your wallet, but lead with your head. A well thought out pre-wire can actually save you money down the road and let you expand as your needs and technology change.

It makes a great deal of sense to consider pre-wiring when you are buying a new home. Not only does it ensure that you’ll get the most out of your home, it could also pay off in the future by increasing your home’s resale value.

Talk to us about pre-wiring options and possibilities!