With the challenges that covid-19 presents to today's corporate, A/V Design Consultants is here to assist you. We feature no-touch and minimum touch systems for Boardrooms, Huddlerooms and presentations systems.

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When business begins to return to a “new normal”, it will most likely be with guidelines to protect employee safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sanitizing surfaces, social distancing, and masks will still be with us, and these present unique challenges for office and meeting environments. Of obvious concern is the typical AV system that utilizes a touch panel, keypad, or other physical user interface to control equipment and room computers or cables that provide connections to the system.

To address these issues, Atlona is highlighting a number of our AV and Control system technologies that eliminate or minimize users having to touch shared technology components to help keep workers safe while collaborating.

Key Concepts:

• Touch-free AV – fully automated meeting spaces without touching anything but your personal laptop or mobile device.

• BYOD AV Control – harness the power of a touch panel control system from your personal mobile device.

• Bring Your Own Cable – only touch your own cable when you absolutely, positively need a physical connection to the AV system

We have the products to give your Conference Room, Training Room, Meeting Room, or Boardroom the correct fit for its Communication and Audio Video needs. We also offer a one on one, professional, local approach for all of your Audio Video needs in your environment. We design our systems to meet your budget and goals while taking into consideration all of the important intricacies of your space.

We also are an authorized dealer for many Corporate and Commercial audio/video product lines. Our commitment to these commercial product lines are based on their reliability and our own extensive testing of the devices in the field.

Some of our video products include Smart Board & Interactive Presentation systems, Sharp Flat Screen TV’s, Panasonic Pro Video, Cisco Video Conferencing Systems and the Evoko meeting Room Manager.

It takes more than a speakerphone to solve conference room audio for any room. It takes a fully customizable audio ecosystem.

Stem audio is a revolutionary new conference room audio ecosystem made up of 5 networkable products that can be mixed and matched to any size meeting room. Stem Control, Wall, Table, Hub and Ceiling make up the ecosystem. The Table and Wall can be used as stand-alone devices for small to mid size meeting rooms.

Touch-Free AV
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• Videoconferencing & Telepresence
• Audio Conferencing Systems
• User Control Panels & Remote Systems
• SmartBoard & Interactive Whiteboards
• Presentation Systems
• Video Displays & Digital Signage Systems
• Lighting & Shade Control
• Room Management Systems

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• Presentation Rooms

• Videoconferencing

• Teleconferencing

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• Room Booking systems

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• Lighting & Shade control

• Digital Signage

• Speaker systems

• Custom cabinets

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• Municipality of Kincardine

• Smart Health Medical Clinic

• Easyhome Canada

• Cargill Canada

• Spinrite LLC

• CDK Global

• Axonify

• Armo Tool

• Mitten By PlyGem