Custom Home Theater Systems

If you like the movie-theater experience but not the time spent driving to the theater or waiting in lines, a custom home theater may be for you. A custom theater brings home everything you like about the movie-theater experience. Our media systems and home theater systems will give you that experience without ever having to leave your home.

There’s nothing like enjoying a great movie with friends and family in the comfort of your own home theater. A/V Design Consultants will design the system of your dreams—the perfect fit for your space, your acoustics, and your budget.

The possibilities of what we can do are limitless. We proudly carry the most up-to-date technologies, highest quality brands, and high-end enhancements to give your home theater system that “wow” factor.


Video Conferencing & Audio Video Systems

Our Corporate Conferencing systems open up the entire room and allow everyone to freely participate in the meeting from the comforts of their chair. Users on the far side can be in another conference, meeting room or cell phone. We can easily integrate a Tele and Video conferencing system into your existing conference room or Boardroom A/V design, so it becomes an integral part of your entire conference room AV system.

Video teleconferencing services are available without any complexity, as the equipment is simple, and the participants are easily connected to each other. There is nothing confusing while using the technology, and you do not need great amount of training to conduct meetings using video teleconferencing. boardrooms videoconferencing meeting room


Audio/ Video

A/V Design Consultants is able to design and install commercial audio systems for such venues as restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers and strip malls. We have considerable experience with 70v commercial paging systems and outdoor commercial audio systems. We carry a full line of commercial audio equipment and speakers to match the needs of our clients. In addition, A/V Design Consultants brings these commercial audio brands to you for much less than our competitors. ​We will work with you to provide a cost effective audio system that will meet your needs, while retaining the highest quality sound. We will also train you and/or your staff to use your new equipment, as well as provide full system documentation.